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workshops & retreats

A number of offerings are being updated.
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new* Sacred Renewal: A Women's Retreat for healing, reclaiming & celebrating the divine feminine

Welcome to this retreat space for women…a sacred container for celebrating the divine feminine through our connection with the wilds of nature, the holy temple of our body, our spirit, and a community of divine sisters. This experience is about soul work. It will be rich in symbolism, creativity, ritual, and self-reclamation. It’s meant to awaken and restore the feminine principle…to heal and reclaim our deep connection with the divine goddess within ourselves, with other women, and with the Earth Mother, as a fundamental energy on the planet at this time. It’s time to rise together!
What’s waiting for you
Each day will begin in noble silence as we attune mindfully and sensually to our bodies and ourselves, through meditation and mindful movement. Spacious and nutritious mealtimes, as well as time in nature, and integration opportunities are part of this experience.
Time & place
This weekend experience runs from April 19-21, 2024 at a lovely estate situated on a picturesque point overlooking Dog Lake…just a short drive from Kingston, ON. Privacy is a paramount consideration as we move into the heart of this retreat. Accommodation details will be forwarded upon acceptance to this event.
Details & registration
For retreat details and to register, click the “learn more” tab.
Information Sessions are now complete. A video recording is pending.
An education session will be provided to confirmed participants on April 5, 2024.
Early bird deadline is March 15, 2024. Space is limited and filling up quickly.

NEW* Vipassana Out Loud Workshop

This offering will provide participants with the opportunity to learn a powerful partner practice that helps to build awareness and capacity for staying with what’s difficult. When we can notice and stay with “what’s there” we begin to access a kind of spaciousness that makes new insights and understandings available to us. Vipassana Out Loud arises from the Mindfulness Meditation tradition as a technique that helps to deepen meditation skills. This in-person workshop will include instruction, demos, and opportunities to practice this technique with a partner.
Time & place
Sunday, March 3, 2024, from 2-4 pm ET.
This event will take place at Neuma: The Centre for Social Wellness, located at 623 King St. W., Kingston.
Fee: $30 CAD
To register for this event, click on “Register” to be redirected to  the booking page, “classes”.

Interested? Watch for future offerings!

enhancing self-compassion, resilience and equanimity in the face of challenge: A one day retreat

This one-day event provides participants with an opportunity to slow down, move inward, and cultivate resources and techniques for managing challenge and cultivating a peaceful heart.
Self-compassion is the entry point for this practice as we explore resilience and equanimity as qualities essential for peace and well-being. Talks and meditation practices will be featured along with ample opportunities for Q&A,  integration and breaks between sessions. Time in a natural setting will help to make this a truly healing and restorative experience.  While some basic meditation experience is helpful, it will not be required to attend this retreat.
Time & place
Saturday, June 1, 2024 from 9:30 am – 4:30 pm ET
Location is The Forest House at beautiful Wintergreen Studios, 50 minutes north of Kingston, ON
Fee includes facilitation and space rental, as well as a variety of herbal tea options. Does NOT include meals. Participants are asked to bring lunch, snacks and any other drinks they prefer. Small kitchenette on site. Please note the following price adjustments:

  • Earlybird rate: $80 CAD if payable by May 4, 2024.
  • Regular rate: $99 CAD if paid after May 4, 2024.

To register for this event, click on “Register” to be redirected to the booking page, “classes”.

shadow work: foundations

We’re living in a violent and intolerant time. Understanding the nature of shadow feels imperative if we are to shift the dynamic that keeps us locked in separation and limiting worldviews. Befriending shadow invites the opportunity to heal and integrate the self by bringing into the light of awareness, the fullness of who we are, and our interconnectedness with all of life.
The overview
The purpose of this course is to introduce participants to the concept of shadow and the practice and experience of working with this denied and repressed part of the self. Conceptualized by Carl Jung, shadow is both a personal and collective phenomenon that informs our beliefs, our attitudes, and our patterns of behaviour. It’s woven through our psyches, often revealing itself through our projections onto others. This is an ancient “knowing” that our ancestors captured in their myths and fairytales.
Time & place
Previously offered as a 12-week university level course, this program is set to be relaunched  as an 8-week online offering. September 11-October 30, 2024. Watch for updates.

Interested? Join the waitlist by contacting Denise

new* healing the sister wound

For centuries, our ancient ancestors lived in harmony with the land they occupied. They held an intimate understanding of the cyclical, generative, creative, and mysterious nature of life. Much of this intuitive and deeply embodied wisdom was kept by the wise women of the time. With the advent of the system we now call the “patriarchy”, life changed, and with it, our deep connection with, and reverence for, the world we live in. This system of oppression has worked to systematically minimize, devalue, and disempower many on the planet including the feminine – her body, her ways of knowing, and her intimate relationship with Earth Mother.
The overview
This offering has been created to address the deep wounding that this severance has caused. Working together, in small communities of women and with the assistance of breath and sacred plant medicine, we’ll begin to 1) understand the insidious nature of patriarchal conditioning and its impact on women 2) heal the resultant sister wound and 3) reclaim our birthright as women – our bodies, our ways of knowing, and the feminine principle that defines it all.
Time & place
This series will take place three times annually on the Autumn Equinox, the Winter Solstice, and the Spring Equinox. Details are pending. Watch for updates via the “learn more” tab.

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the 9 gates project:
opening to the gifts & challenges of this sacred life

We’re living in unprecedented times. Significant shifts are taking place on the planet – shifts in consciousness, in healing, and in understanding our interconnectedness with each other, the natural world, and the cosmos. This is a time of incredible transformation for humanity. Can you feel it?
The overview
Originally conceptualized as a process of exploring the second half of life, The 9 Gates Project has been reconfigured to explore the gifts, challenges & tasks of being alive at this extraordinary time in human evolution. This series – inspired by the work of Angeles Arrien – explores eight foundational metaphorical gates of wisdom which serve as thresholds of transformation. An optional sacred plant medicine ceremony comprises the 9th gate in this series. 
The format
Self-study modules are augmented by small group gatherings scheduled every three weeks. To assist with integration, two 1:1 Transformational Coaching sessions are included. The optional Plant Medicine Ceremony (noted above) provides participants with an opportunity to integrate at a deeper level, shifts and insights cultivated over the course of this series. NOTE: there is an additional cost for this final gate.  
The 2023-2024 series wraps up in March, 2024.
2024-2025 details are pending and will be provided via the “learn more tab”, so watch for updates. Interested? contact Denise to join the waitlist!

Registration Deadline: Pending
Series begins: Dates and prices are shifting.  Watch for updates.
Series ends: Pending

"Mindwell" Monday sangha

This offering in Mindfulness Meditation is open to all levels of experience, but is geared towards those who are newer to meditation. It will also be ideal for those wanting to develop greater mindfulness skills as a foundational practice for psychedelic experiences. 
Time & place
This group meets on Monday evenings from 7-8 pm ET at 85 Carleton St., Kingston. During warmer months, offerings will be held outside. Details provided with registration. MAXIMUM: 10 participants
Fee: $11

Questions? Contact Denise to inquire. 

free* Awakening, healing, and spiritual evolution

The earth has entered a new epoch – one defined by significant shifts in our consciousness. Massive changes are underway, and they’re unrelenting. They must be. Life as we have known it is not sustainable. The idea is this…These monthly calls will explore what’s being asked of us as we navigate this evolutionary threshold. Like the partnership paradigm of ancient ways, something more harmonizing is gestating…something that gives voice to the disempowered, that reveals the truth of our collective wounds and the healing potential of community, and that fosters a shift into a higher state of consciousness where sustainable, loving, and respectful ways of living are possible. Will you join me?
Each monthly call will focus on a topic related to this theme. We’ll begin by reflecting on a journal prompt that moves us into a discussion.
Calls will take place the first Wednesday of each month from 7:00-8:15 pm ET beginning March 6, 2024.

A link will be provided with registration.

Coming soon* vision fast for women, 2024-2025

Prep sessions begin December 2024.
Vision Fast June 2025.

Watch for updates.

introDUCTION TO compassionate living

The purpose of this workshop is to introduce participants to the concept and practice of compassionate living. All session times are Eastern Time Zone, Canada. Please check the time converter for the start time in your location.

  • Session 1: Introduction & Mindfulness Time:  6:30-9:00 PM
  • Session 2: Compassion & Empathy Time: 6:30-8:30 PM
  • Session 3: Barrier, Benefits & Strategies Time: 6:30-8:30 PM
  • Session 4: Self-compassion Time:  6:30-9:00 PM
  • Session 4: Wrap-up Time: 6:30-8:30 PM

Spring 2024 Dates: ON HOLD

"One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious."
C. G. Jung