Bearing Witness

Bearing Witness

January 20, 2021

Today I witnessed a truly beautiful and peaceful transfer of power at the US Capitol, when Joe Biden Jr. was inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States, and Kamala Harris was inaugurated as the first woman, Black and Asian to be elected to the office of Vice-President.

As I reflect on this occasion in US history, I wonder "why have I felt propelled to monitor so closely, the shifting tide occurring in the US? – a moment marked by the transfer of power from a person acutely focused on sowing division, to one who speaks of union, healing, respect, and common humanity?” Beyond the obvious, I resonate because of what today’s message represents - a heart-based approach to leadership and caring for each other. This is not just a message for Americans, this is a message for humanity.

A message for humanity

As a Canadian, it might be easy to think that the turn of events on January 6 - indeed the last 5 years – is something confined to the borders of our closest partner and neighbor. We would be wrong to think so. We too have our own divisions in class, race, gender, political viewpoints, opportunities and more. Our history of colonisation and centuries long maltreatment of indigenous peoples is one stark and painful example. While our written history is unique from that of the US, the threads of inequality are no less embedded within our culture.

The outgoing president served to set a spotlight upon those things that have remained concealed and, in the shadows, for hundreds of years within the US. This can only serve to create a moment of pause so that we too, might examine the darkened corners within ourselves, within our country, and within our world. To reflect upon our own blind spots; to examine that which we no longer see or have become numb to; to heal and extend to all others, the opportunity for true freedom experienced as love and belonging, inclusion, compassion, forgiveness, respect and equality - this is what is required of us now. This is what this moment in our collective history asks of us.

This is a planetary event

This is a planetary event. A time of evolution when humanity is poised to either ascend to the highest and best that we can become as people and nations or succumb to our worst inclinations and in so doing, destroy us all. This is a time for transcending old fears that spawn hatred, greed, discontent, and violence. It’s a time to build a new vision of humanity where no one is made to feel less than, unsafe, marginalized, or impoverished in any way. This is a call to action, and it begins by examining our own wounded souls. This means leaning into the edge of our own discomfort – to risk dismantling all that we think we “know”. We must heal ourselves; open our hearts and our ears to others who we perceive as different and therefore less deserving of our love. We must find our way to oneness so that we might see once more, the beauty in all beings.

A cosmic event is underway, and I am bearing witness to its unfolding. Its power is undeniable. I invite all others to join me in moving with the energy of this moment; to make a difference in the world; to spur us all into positive action. To get the evolution started! I begin with a pledge – a vow to humanity that makes manifest, my intentions for this life.

My vow

I take responsibility for the wounds that I carry and the healing I require to resolve division in my life. May love guide my heart, my decisions, my thoughts, and my actions, always. And, when I stumble (as I will), I will seek forgiveness and in turn, learn to forgive others, whenever they stumble in response to their own humanity. My dedication to this path will be unwavering; I commit myself fully to the journey of my own evolution as a being of light, peace, and love in the world. May compassion be my trumpet call; may kindness infuse my efforts; may I listen earnestly to the words of others so that I may hear deeply, the pain that stains their soul. May my words and deeds be a healing balm, soothing, comforting, and acknowledging a shared and common humanity that makes suffering inevitable, until the time arrives when we all awaken to the truth that we are not separate, but ONE. May we all be so blessed.